Strategic Alliances

Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services

Fidelity provides one of the biggest, safest custodial platforms in the industry, ensuring the security of our clients' assets. Its world-class trading team directly benefits our clients in areas such as favorable trade execution and the ability to aggregate assets to qualify for institutional share class minimums.

Financial Planning Association

The FPA's training, ongoing education and strict ethical code help us to ensure that our clients receive financial planning that meets the industry's highest standards.

Black Diamond/Advent

Black Diamond/Advent's portfolio accounting and benchmarked performance reports allow our clients to see a clear, easy-to-understand picture of all their holdings in one place.

FactSet Research

FactSet's research/quote terminal and portfolio analytics give the Spectrum team the ability to perform rigorous analysis of the entire investment universe. FactSet also provides our team with real-time news, quarterly earnings information tracking and other services that enable us to better serve our clients.

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