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Why Choose Us

Financial Independence is a Journey, Not an Event. At SSCM, we believe that holistic wealth management starts with understanding each  client's financial objectives and lifestyle desires. That understanding forms the basis for our trusted, customized and innovative solutions.

Holistic Financial Planning and Asset Management

At some firms, financial planning consists of having a client fill out a questionnaire and then feeding the answers into a software program, which then spits out superficial, generalized solutions. We do not think that is acceptable. Because each of our clients is unique, we carefully tailor our solutions and processes to each client's specific needs and goals.

And while we provide comprehensive financial planning, we recognize that receiving too much information and guidance at once can overwhelm and create paralysis—the exact opposite of what clients need.

That is why we focus on identifying areas of greatest immediate need and prioritizing the delivery of solutions. Of course, we provide our clients with a comprehensive road map to help you achieve all of your goals. And we assist you as much or as little as you wish with implementation of our recommendations.

Prudent Professional Care, Skill and Caution

In every facet of our business, we exercise due professional care and prudence. Before investing any funds, we carefully establish investment objectives and constraints based on our clients' desires and objectives. We make certain that the investments we recommend are advantageous to the client.

We incur only costs that are reasonable and appropriate to the client's investment program. We exercise care, skill and caution in obtaining best trade execution, maintaining records and keeping clients and beneficiaries informed. In all matters, we diligently place our clients' interests ahead of our own.


These form the pillars of SSCM's responsibility as a Fiduciary--a partner worthy of your trust.

Independence. As an independent firm, the work we perform for clients is untainted by any obligation or sense of loyalty to any institutional provider.

Loyalty. Our duty is to our clients alone. We are not beholden to any investment or insurance company.

Diligence. Every security or financial planning decision we make is based on our expertise, careful research using company reports, third-party research and other information, and results from our quantitative modeling. Our team engages in ongoing study and professional training to support our recommendations and investment decisions.

Disclosure. At SSCM, we take every precaution to avoid conflicts or the appearance of conflicts. When conflicts cannot reasonably be avoided, we disclose them prominently and in plain language. We adhere to the strictest guidelines of effective disclosure.

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